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Open invitation to business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate escapees, & content creators to...

👉🏾  Step off the content creation hamster wheel.

👉🏾  Get extremely clear about how to reach top paying clients.

👉🏾  Get new clients daily & GET PAID consistently.

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Attending this training will give you superpowers like:

✅ Understanding the FIVE core marketing components of a successful business that you need to pay attention to go from "trying" to get clients to getting them FAST (whether you're a vet or brand-new to business marketing!)

✅ Mastering how to reach those who are already looking for products & services like yours so you can step off that hamster wheel and know exactly WHAT to focus on with your marketing offers, so ready-to-pay clients are drawn to you like bees 🐝 to flowers 💐! 

✅ Dialing into the THREE key elements that are CRUCIAL to the success of your business, ESPECIALLY POST-COVID!!  (Psst... Ignoring these WILL lead to biz overwhelm and failure!) 

✅ Avoiding client attraction mistakes that cripple your business. You’ll learn how to find your target audience and find the perfect clients whether an established business or if you’re brand-new to business marketing. 

✅ Speed up your success and stability with a system that delivers leads consistently! Scale up as little or as much as you can handle with new leads & sales delivered to your inbox daily. Be seen as THE expert in your industry & grow a loyal following like no other 💪

👉AND 👈
You’ll do allllll this by tapping into the power of your presence on Facebook, Instagram & Google! 🤳

You need this all-new training ONLY if:

You’re a fairly new entrepreneur who KNOWS they want to help people but lack clarity on WHAT to offer or HOW to generate more sales on a consistent basis

A ready-to-quit 9-to-5er who is an entrepreneur at heart, eager to do something (you just aren’t sure WHAT that looks like!) that doesn’t involve bone-melting commutes and parking your butt in a cubicle

The long time business owner who’s ready to step beyond being just a “business” and learn to use marketing the right way to scale & get sales on autopilot.

Your training experience delivered by Na'im Sabour

Co-Creator & Project Coordinator

for 3Kings Media 

I’m Na'im Sabour and I can’t wait to teach you my NO B.S., proven-to-work strategies so you can go from “posting for likes” to getting clients that clog your DMs & EMAIL with requests to work with YOU!

Simply (and quickly!) with an extensively tested, step-by-step method to turn Facebook, Instagram or Google, into

a lead-gen, client attraction machine.  

Learn to take advantage of the online sales surge since going on since COVID-19,  without gimmicky hacks, and slow-moving, outdated “quick fixes”  to generate new leads again and again.

You’ll get never-before-shared info!

And in case you’re wondering whether watching this webinar is going to be worth it,

 here’s some proof 👇🏾

If you stay until the end you will receive these 3 case studies  & *$100 in FREE Facebook or Google Ads

Watch the entire webinar & you will receive these

3 case studies, each detailed with the steps taken to achieve these results  & Bonus *$100 in FREE Facebook or Google Ads

 And then… Let’s not forget the MANY business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and corporate escapees who’ve gotten floor-meet-jaw results with our marketing team.

Here's a small sample 😉 

(yep, we know our stuff and I can’t wait to share it with YOU!)

DISCLAIMER: This training is free and will offer actionable steps to help you grow your business successfully online. It is not a guaranteed income opportunity. As per Facebook®, Instagram® or Google® 's terms, this online training is not sponsored, administered, or associated with Facebook®, Instagram® or Google®  

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